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SP Spain Celebrates 50th Anniversary

SP factories in Spain have been active for half a century in the country regarded as one of the major centers of automobile industry in Europe.

The 50th anniversary of Spanish plants that joined Standard Profil Group in 2012 was celebrated with great enthusiasm in a ceremony attended by Standard Profil CEO Turhan Semizer and Vice President, Operations West Werner Gehring. Other dignitaries in the ceremony included Head of Regional Government of La Rioja Jose Ignacia Ceniceros Gonzalez, Economic Development and Innovation Counselor Leonor González Menorca, Logrono Mayor Concepción Gamarra Ruiz-Clavijo; Economy, Trade, Employment and Innovation Director of Regional Government of La Rioja Julio Herreros, La Rioja Economic Development Agency (ADER) Direcotr Javier Ureña and Commercial Counselor of Madrid for Turkish Embassy in Madrid, Fatma Kayhan.

Vice President, Operations West Werner Gehring gave the opening remarks during the ceremony. His speech included the following statement: “Our factories in Spain have left behind 50 years in sealing profile production. If not for the contribution and efforts of our valued staff, we would be far from achieving the level of success we enjoy today. On the occasion of this milestone for the region and for Standard Profil, we would like to extend our gratitude to everybody who has contributed so far, including chiefly the members of our Standard Profil family who have lost nothing of their passion and enthusiasm over the years.”

Standard Profil CEO took the floor after Gehring to give a speech that included the following: “Working together, have created a group culture in a brief amount of time. We learned a lot from each other’s experiences. We now know how to achieve a greater Standard Profil brand. I believe that the ambitious competitiveness and quality-oriented production capacity of Standard Profil Spain will help drive further success for the Group in many years to come. I would like to thank everyone who helped SP Spain grow, as well as everyone present with us today.”

Later in the ceremony, Head of Regional Government of La Rioja Jose Ignacia Ceniceros Gonzalez and Logrono Mayor Concepción Gamarra Ruiz-Clavijo congratulated Standard Profil and thanked the Group for its contribution to the region.

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