Our Tool Shops

Our customized tools allow quick, efficient and sustainable solutions for our customers.

The 24/7 operation of a high-capacity tool shop inside each of our plants in Düzce, Manisa, Logrono and Morocco allows for immediate intervention and maintenance in case of a problem while also offering flexible solutions during the ramp-up period and serial production.

Thanks to our patented systems, we both design and produce customized tools and provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. The prototype areas in each tool shop allow us to quickly conduct trials, assess the results and respond to our customers’ requirements and needs as swiftly as possible.

Our ability to design and produce extrusion tooling allows us to quickly respond to evolving automotive trends in this rapidly changing world. Thanks to our in-house tooling, we create fast and technical solutions while providing sustainable quality – we are always improving upon our ability to use our resources efficiently while increasing the amount of output per unit of input. Our machines are reused, recycled or redesigned whenever possible as sustainability is at the center of all our processes.

Combining a high-powered machining center and highly experienced experts, we pride ourselves to have more and more patents every year in our tool shop, and also to increase the total output while keeping the same resources.

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