Our Production

Our fully in-house production methods allow us to produce better high-tech products.

We engage with our customers from conception until production, continuously developing and improving our products, processes and technologies. All activities in our value chain are conducted in-house, allowing our project teams to proactively solve problems by integrating management, technological know-how and organizational skills globally and in real time.

We follow megatrends in the automotive industry and shape our technologies to better serve our customers’ needs and requirements. We constantly innovate for highly customizable solutions regarding our products’ material, size, clearance, surface flexibility and finish. Our advanced and dynamic technologies diversify our portfolio, allowing for competitive and sustainable solutions.

Standard Profil is one of the few suppliers in the automotive industry that has integrated all stages of manufacturing, from tool design and production to compound mixing, extrusion, finishing and logistics, under one roof.


Mixing projects guided by R&D make it possible to formulate tailor-made compounds on a case-by-case basis, depending on the requirements of a particular customer or product. With a full range of special mixing and testing equipment in the laboratory, compounds can be tested, validated and benchmarked in-house.


We have major extrusion hubs in different regions, allowing for synergies and enhanced capability. With a constant focus on the evolving needs of the sector, eco-friendly solutions, recycling opportunities and superior quality performance, Standard Profil has industrialized a variety of technologies and processes, such as co-extrusion technologies, variable extrusion, variable cross-section applications, coating technologies, laser and online length measurement, and OT (operational technology) systems, securing its position in the industry as the automotive sealing systems supplier of reference.


The finishing process at Standard Profil Group is carried out by a specialized team, utilizing equipment that is designed and manufactured directly at our own production facilities, thus enabling project-specific, fast and flexible solutions to customer needs. As a global company, best practices are shared and implemented across all relevant departments.

01 Hybrid encapsulation

Designed as one integral piece instead of multiple parts, thus optimizing NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) performance.

02 Flush glazing

System offering significant advantages in terms of style and NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) performance, as well as an impressive look.

03 Sensorized sealing solutions

Sensors integrated in sliding door sealing systems keep passengers safe by preventing them from getting caught by the door when entering or exiting the vehicle.

04 2K injection

An innovative way to produce complicated molded parts from two different materials, permitting cycle time reduction and cost advantages, as well as design aesthetics.

05 Variable extrusion

The concept of variable cross-section extrusion offers tailor-made adaptations to compensate for differences in the gap between the BIW (body-in-white) and the door: each cross-section of the door seal will vary in density and thickness, thus removing the gap altogether, creating the perfect fit.

06 Robotic coating technologies

Industrial coating robots offer high precision and repeatable, sustainable quality.

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