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Our R&D hubs drive the automotive industry to be more innovative, safe and sustainable.

Standard Profil’s Research & Development department specifically focuses on materials and its processing research, tailor-made equipment development for specially developed products for the customer and a team that validates these special products according to the customers’ specifications. This team is composed of 244 engineers across a variety of disciplines. The R&D department, in partnership with our network of suppliers, academics and governmental institutions, introduces new products, develops processes and innovates throughout the Standard Profil world.

Our research and product development hubs are in Spain and Türkiye, bundled with technical offices in different countries around the world where our customers are present. This structure enables us to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the innovation and improvement of our products and processes.

By leveraging our experience and collaborating/cooperating with universities and experts in our network, our research and development hubs build leading, specific and custom projects for our entire group and the automotive sealing systems. Considering market dynamics and needs, these projects aim to develop and improve technologies that will direct and guide our customers and the automotive industry.

Our R&D projects are currently grouped into 4 categories:

Lightweight Products

The objective of these projects is to reduce the weight of parts to enhance vehicle performance and reduce fuel consumption. There are variety of projects directed towards various goals, including diversifying materials and chemical designs to reduce density.

Appearance and Acoustics

These theoretical and technological development projects focus on benefits for the end customer in terms of optimizing performance and cost by enabling automotive manufacturers to come up with better solutions through their own operations and processes. Acoustic performance is improved thanks to design simulation software, experimental testing and vehicle level validation. For example, a unique development in door closing noise reduction combined with encapsulation technology yields an improved acoustic comfort while also enhancing the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Efficiency, Quality and Performance

These applicative projects target process and equipment improvement – such as variable extrusion systems, combined extrusion and finishing systems – and focus on increasing quality, sustainability, functional improvement and cost reduction. The main drivers of such improvements are operational technology (OT) systems that allow monitoring and industrial control of production. These systems reduce scrap and material waste.

Sustainable Solutions

At Standard Profil sustainability is achieved through the systematic integration of reusable, recyclable and renewable materials and finding new, more productive ways to reduce our carbon footprint and energy use.

By considering our product’s entire life cycle, we:

- offer partial postindustrial scrap usage in defined areas of the cross section in agreement with our customers

- collaborate with our suppliers to offer post-consumer recycled (PCR) raw materials (e.g., rCBs, carbonaceous fillers, PCR TPVs)

- incorporate renewable feedstock and other biomaterials into our products (e.g., renewable functional fillers, environmentally friendly EPDM systems)

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