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At Standard Profil we strive to create a workplace based on our purpose of adding value.
  • We add value to lives
    for our employees,
    for our customers,
    for a better world.

At Standard Profil, we strive to create a workplace based on our purpose of adding value.

Our employees and their well-being are at the heart of our activities, and we believe in a respectful and inclusive working environment where trust, fairness and equality reign. We shape our organization, processes and culture so that our employees are engaged, enabled and energized.

Together we are an exceptional team, embracing our differences and encouraging entrepreneurship. We combine our expertise with agility and dynamism, drive superior performance with development opportunities and take pride in our teamwork.

We empower each and every employee to take the lead on projects and to initiate change for the better within the company, regardless of their role.

As a company experiencing global growth, we offer jobs with different perspectives to talents with diverse backgrounds, always with a clear focus on adding value to lives.

It is our ambition to grow with our employees and, together, care for our society, environment and future generations. Our company culture provides an active learning environment, recognizing and rewarding different perspectives and capabilities. We acknowledge efforts and achievements and believe in celebrating successes together. We ensure that Standard Profil is a place where everyone can be respected and make an important contribution.

01 Be global

Thanks to our global footprint, multi-cultural environment and worldwide customers, we act and think globally every day. We offer you the opportunity to engage with Standard Profil’s large and diverse family and to explore our international environment with cross-functional teams, upward and lateral rotations, and job opportunities in different countries.

02 Grow

We take responsibility for personal development off-the-job as well as on-the-job. We support growth and increasing responsibility with constructive feedback. We accept setbacks and encourage all our employees to learn from them. We publicly acknowledge employees’ and their teams’ achievements. We believe in learning by doing and nurturing individual as well as team growth.

03 Engage

We embrace our differences and value our friendly and supportive environment. We ask for and are open to other opinions. Respecting and trusting one another is very important to us. We include everyone in new developments and decision-making processes. With four generations working under one roof, we learn from one another.

04 Enjoy

We enjoy our work and working together. We create opportunities to unite as SP family both physically and virtually. We come together for volunteer corporate social responsibility projects. With the SP Act for Good initiative, we enjoy supporting sustainable solutions for our environment and for a better world.

05 Add value

We add value to the lives of all Standard Profil members in line with our company’s purpose: adding value to lives by making mobility safe and comfortable. We value our people’s skills, efforts and achievements, recognizing their expertise and motivating them to experience new roles and responsibilities.

Quote of Stefan Schulz, VP Human Resources and Corporate Communications

"At Standard Profil we act and lead as one towards the same goal: adding value to lives. On this path you will find a mixture of different cultures, experiences and voices. We believe in making this possible in a sustainable way, with diversity and inclusion as the two key factors. We embrace individuality while striving for this common goal with our global SP family all around the world."

Meet the Standard Profil Team

Standard Profil adds value to lives each and every day with 7,200 valuable team members with different competencies and backgrounds. As we embrace the diverse skills and perspectives of our employees, we also offer diverse growth opportunities along their career path.

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