Sealing Systems

We provide technologically advanced sealing systems for the most renowned car manufacturers.
High tech sealing systems providing safety and comfort

Focused only on sealing systems, Standard Profil serves as a full-service supplier to the world’s most recognized car manufacturers in every phase of its business, from initial design to car assembly.

Our products are used in all automobile types and segments, from very specific premium cars to high-volume global platforms, including a wide portfolio of electric vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Standard Profil sealing systems are aligned with automotive mega trends and add value to lives by making mobility safe and comfortable. We focus on the final customer’s comfort by designing and producing superior quality products.

Utilizing the entire range of technologies in the automotive sealing industry, using EPDM, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and hybrid production systems, our high technology products have a sealing shield that prevents external elements from entering the vehicle.

Besides creating a cleaner, more peaceful interior space by insulating dust, water, heat, sound and squeaks caused by vibration, our products also present an aesthetic integrity, prevent icing and create comfort by minimizing noise and effort when closing doors.

A trusted partner in vehicle design and development

At Standard Profil, we start to work with our customers even in the pre-development phase, from the initial concept of the vehicle. Given our deep-rooted experience, we work in partnership with our customers to develop the design of our product and to support them on the design of the body part where our product will be located.

Thanks to our knowledge of electronic vehicles, we also conduct partner projects with our new generation customers. In our designs we prioritize attractiveness/visual improvement of sealing systems, cost and weight improvement and optimization of the supply chain through transport and stock reduction.

Our in-house computer-aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE) capabilities allow us to conduct 3D product design and virtual validation (simulation) with finite element analysis (FEA) simulations, which means we can be flexible and quickly respond to necessary changes in design. In addition to 3D simulations, we always verify our designs with physical validation tests.

Thanks to our centralized Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities, we are able to follow all design processes in real time, as product information and updates are easily and instantly accessible by all of our teams. This makes for a transparent, streamlined and efficient workflow while ensuring product data remains protected and secure.

How do we add value to lives?

A sealing system on a vehicle body mainly falls into two functional groups: dynamic and static sealings, depending on the relative motion of the body components with respect to the seal. In addition to these, we also provide customized solutions.

Let’s explore the benefits of our sealing systems.

01 Static Sealings

Examples: glass run channels, waistbelts

Windows are supported statically by means of glass run channel (GRC) systems and inner/outer waist belts (IWB, OWB). Static sealings guide the movement of windows smoothly and silently down the glass run channels. Even during the dynamic motion of the glass movement, the seal retains its shape and does not deform.

02 Dynamic sealings

Examples: door seals, body seals, hood seals, trunk seals, sunroof seals, secondary seals

Located between the door and the vehicle body, dynamic sealings allow for car interior isolation by blocking the entry of external elements such as noise, water, dust, etc., and enable the door to close with minimal effort.

03 Custom sealing system solutions

Examples: glass roof sealings/roof ditch moldings, windscreen sealings, under the hood seals, sunroofs, glass encapsulation sealing, wheel arch seals, parts containing aesthetic/colored trims and other technological sealings.

Besides the two main seal functions (static and dynamic), Standard Profil offers tailor-made solutions and products according to specific vehicle design needs.

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