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Standard Profil Became A Partner of European Project FLEX4FACT

Standard Profil Spain is one of the partners of European project, FLEX4FACT. Project’s main target is to facilitate the provision of flexibility services from industrial loads to boost integration of renewable sources in the EU. The project which started on June 1st 2022, will continue for 42 months. It consists of 23 partners from Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy and Ireland.

The FLEX4FACT Project, aims to make industrial sites and processes more flexible through digitisation, automation, and smart control systems. It will support industrial stakeholders seeking to integrate more renewable sources into their industrial energy systems and to provide flexibility to the electrical systems via demand response measures. Computing, AI and machine learning will be deployed to optimise the energy management of industrial sites. All solutions will be developed in a modular way to allow for easy replication and upscaling in the EU.

The developed tools and knowledge are expected to accelerate the digital and energy transformation of the industrial sector in Europe and support the uptake of new renewable sources in the EU power grid. Industrial partners will be able to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, reduce energy costs and switch to renewable sources, while generating additional revenues through the provision of flexibility services. This will increase the competitiveness of the EU industry. Additionally, FLEX4FACT will help secure the EU leadership in research and innovation in the cyber-physical transformation of manufacturing, leading to the creation of a skilled workforce.

The project, coordinated by SINTEF Manufacturing AS, started in June 2022 and will run until November 2025. It consists of 23 partners from Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy and Ireland. Standard Profil Spain SA is proud to be one of the partners of this project.

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