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Standard Profil FASD project comes to end

After three years of working on the FASD (Adjusted Manufacturing Simulation For Zero Defects) project which is focused on developing specific sensors for measuring material and product properties (car body sealing systems) during the manufacturing process, looking for data gathering and development of simulation models for subsequent prediction in real time of the product properties and process variables, which cannot be registered online, has come to end.

The development of the sensors and their integration with the existing ones in combination with the process behaviour models will allow in parallel with this the results of the model to be updated continuously and therefore, monitoring the production chain to make real-time decisions about the variation of the process parameters and the adjustment of the final characteristics of the product , avoiding or minimizing deviations, ensuring that the main indicators remain within the permissible tolerance ranges and allowing the supervisors of the production lines to reconfigure them in an agile manner for the manufacture of batches with different design specifications.

The FASD project is aligned with the Industry 4.0 concept and is based on some of the digital enablers proposed by this one, such as Digital Twins and Simulation, Big Data, Cyber-Physical Systems and Cloud Computing, among others.

This project has been funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Government of Spain with FEDER (European Fund for Regional Development) funds. Now we must start exploiting the results obtained.

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