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Haydar Yenigün, General Manager of Ford Otosan that is one of the giant companies when it comes to automotive, is one of the successful and doyen executives of the sector. Yenigün states that the cooperation between Ford Otosan and Standard Profil has continued by improving throughout the years and SP has progressed in this process by keeping constant improvement on its focus.

“ Standard Profil is now a globally preferred Company” Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün

The cooperation between Ford and Standard Profil has been ongoing for more than 30 years... What are your prioritized criteria when picking up your associates?

Our biggest priority is to render our business partnership competitive in a sustainable manner in all areas by providing all the stakeholders of us with benefits. Today, in which our industry is in a substantial change, the issues that we attach importance to are keeping constant development in the ethical, social, and environmental issues; developing our competences on not only manufacture but also engineering and design stages; keeping innovation and digitalization within our vision; and of course, using the domestic added value to the maximum extent within the value chain, along with being competitive in the technical and commercial areas.

What are your reasons for preferring Standard Profil, one of the World’s biggest sealing profile producers? Would you mention the contributions of that cooperation to your concisely?

We have had cooperation with Standard Profil for many years within the framework of the priorities I have mentioned. This cooperation has continued by improving until today since then. In this process, Standard Profil not only improved its technical and commercial competences but also progressed by keeping product development and constant improvement in its focus and attained an identity preferred not only locally but also globally. This provided us since the very first day of our projects with the possibility of working with a domestic manufacturer, who is preferred as one of the very first options in its own product group, in cooperation in any area. Of course, at this point, Standard Profil’s acquisition of Kaufil, one of the leading rubber manufacturers of the world, in the recent years, has substantial impact.

We are frequently encountering with Ford Otosan in the social responsibility projects. Can you inform about your new projects, if any?

In line with our understanding of corporate citizenship, we are implementing social responsibility works in many areas like education, health, culture-arts, and sports. We are undersigning numerous volunteered projects through “My heart is with you,” the platform of volunteerism we are managing together with the army of our employees. We are implementing the corporate projects that are suitable for the themes of the ‘‘For my Country’ corporate social responsibility project being carried out under the roof of the Koç Holding. The most current one of such projects is our project “Honeybees Becoming Engineers” that our suppliers know well, and in which they take part. Our objective with this project is to break down the prejudices arising from the social gender taboos in choosing professions and draw attention to the importance of equality of opportunity for women and men. It is contending that we have already exceeded the number of female students we had aimed to reach through our project. So far, we have achieved to reach nearly 14 thousand students, 8386 of whom were female ones, by visiting 64 provinces.

R&D is the most significant condition of competition in the world of technology and speed. What importance the R&D strategies of your associates bring along for you as Ford Otosan? How would you evaluate the R&D studies of Standard Profil?

As we have mentioned, we, as Ford Otosan, consider R&D as one of the significant conditions of competitiveness. It is because of the fact that being in the project processes starting from the design moves us to the point of owning the product we have created to an exact sense by completely removing the dependency on outsourcing. As you would appreciate, this provides very important contribution to the sustainability of our business relation by ensuring that the respective manufacturer becomes the preferred procurer in the subsequent projects. Standard Profil is progressing in its journey by constantly improving itself in this regard. The cooperation we entered into for our vehicles of Cargo first and then of Connect and Courier yielded highly positive results and Standard Profil has an identity that can compete with its global competitors in its product group.

“We have had collaboration with Standard Profil for many years. It has continued progressively since the beginning. In this process, Standard Profil not only improved its technical and commercial competences, but also advanced with the focus on both product development and constant improvement and it is now a preferred Company not only domestically but also globally.”

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