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Toyota CH-R

Project Management Award

We have been deemed worthy of the Project Management Award thanks to our flawless and successful management within the two-year intense period of preparation covering the design, prototype, and transition to serial production for the Toyota C-HR model. Our CEO Turhan Semizer received the Award in the ceremony held on 28 March in Brussels. Semizer stated that the Award was quite meaningful for our gradually increasing collaborations with Toyota and said, “We keep crowning our success with awards in the 40th foundation anniversary of our Group. On behalf of our Group that started its operations in 1977 as a local supplier and that provides services presently in seven countries in five continents as a global supplier, I would like to extend our thanks to Toyota for deeming us worthy of this award. This award has also been the indicator of the fact that the intense works we have recently conducted in the fields of R&D, production systems, and project management, have yielded results.”

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