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Moulding Design

Moulding Design Technologies

Standard Profil is the only supplier capable of designing and producing all moulds in-house throughout the entire process from raw material to end product. This capability provides prompt and efficient solutions in response to design modifications and similar demands from customers.

24/7 operation of a high-capacity moulding shop inside the plant allows for immediate intervention in case of a problem while also offering flexible solutions during ramp-up period and serial production.


Incorporating a high-powered processing center and a highly experienced staff, Standard Profil has also developed relationships with qualified business partners to outsource manufacturing of some of its moulds when needed. Standard Profil is also experienced in providing highly accurate and reliable project follow-up support with its business partners.

Design Projects

Design works, carried out by Standard Profil Design Team, are tested in simulated environments for potential problems that could emerge during trial and serial production.

Moulding Technologies

Following product validation with reference to the designs produced in the Standard Profil Mould Shop, corrosion characteristics of molds and mechanical specifications of materials are analyzed using digital and computer-assisted technologies. The results are recorded on a shared database for a sustainable production process with a view to continuous improvement.
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