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Mixing Technologies

Since its establishment, Standard Profil has been producing the compounds in-house to supply its manufacturing processes. Rubber compound production is carried out in a controlled environment, utilizing modern quality management systems that enable accurate measurements down to microgram level.

There are six mixers in Düzce and Logrono plants, which meet the compound needs of all Group factories. Located in Turkey and Spain, these two mixing centers are equipped with computer-controlled automated mixing units that ensure precise formulation of compounds.


The result of the Group's experience, Standard Profil's compound mixing process is enhanced with on-line strainers, which allow all types of compounds, including foam rubber, to be produced in a single step. This, in turn, has increased its dispersion quality and ensured stability throughout the process.

The in-house compound production grants Standard Profil the speed and flexibility to respond rapidly to customer needs. In addition, mixing projects guided by R&D make it possible to formulate tailor-made compounds on a product basis, depending on the requirements of a particular customer or product. With a full range of special mixing and testing equipment in the laboratory, the organization is able to test, validate and benchmark all the compounds in-house.
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