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Finishing Technologies

The finishing process at Standard Profil Group is carried out by a specialized team, utilizing advanced machinery to minimize manual operations.

Many processes such as installation marking, line measurements, CPK analyses, measurement checks in cutting machines are monitored online to minimize errors. Finishing lines are equipped with robotic coating systems that are capable of producing finished parts within a very narrow range of coating thickness tolerance and stability, unlike the conventional manual coating processes.


Especially due to the requirements imposed by most of the recent OEM’s, many cutting systems are equipped high technology machines which are able to cope with very narrow tolerances such as of ±0.75 mm. By using burr-free injection moulds that do not require any additional labor, as well as advanced technological processes that enabling cutting profiles with different cross-sections, the process also ensures environmentally friendly production.

Equipment used in the finishing processes can be designed and manufactured directly in Standard Profil production facilities, thus enabling project-specific, fast and flexible solutions to customer needs.

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