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Extrusion Technologies

Thanks to new investments in cutting-edge TPV extrusion technologies and its wide experience with EPDM, Standard Profil goes beyond manufacturing profiles, and offers engineering solutions for its customers. The Group is one of the pioneering players in the sealing profile industry, with production lines capable of manufacturing complex parts, a production process that meets the needs of customers, and its experienced staff. The Group uses a range of metal conveyors, bands, flocks or flock bands, chemical coatings, PE and TPV components depending on the customer's specifications.


With a constant focus on the evolving needs of the sector, eco-friendly solutions, recycling opportunities, and superior quality performance, Standard Profil has industrialized a variety of technologies and processes, such as co-extrusion technologies, variable extrusion, variable cross-section applications, different coating technologies, laser and on-line length measurement and electronic communication systems, securing its position in the industry.

Real-time surface and projection control units used by Standard Profil ensure uninterrupted and thorough surface controls at different production speeds for plastic or rubber products.


Delivering flexibility in product structure and design solutions, the TPV technology has been used in Standard Profil facilities for more than 20 years. Standard Profil invests in advanced technology with its TPV production lines, rapidly increasing their capacity.


Standard Profil has nearly 40 years of experience in EPDM extrusion. In addition to EPDM, these extrusion lines use TPV as another CoEx. Metal conveyor, EPDM, TPV, flock, silicone coating, assembly facilitating coating and mounting strap can be used on the same line, allowing Standard Profil, who uses a wide range of compounds with varying levels of rigidity and density, to deliver superior surface quality.
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