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Tailor-made Solutions in Automotive Sealing Systems


Hands-on experience over the years, constantly developed technology and fully equipped facilities, Standard Profil Group supplies tailor-made solutions in every phase of its business from initial design till assembly to the car.

Standard Profil is one of the few suppliers in the automotive industry focusing on a single product, as well as the only company to integrate all manufacturing stages from tool design and production to compound mixing, extrusion, finishing and logistics.

Distinguished with its proper functions, aesthetics, performance and energy-efficiency, our products are used in all segments of the automotive industry, ranging from E-Segment executive prestige cars to commercial vehicles. Where ever installed on various visible and non-visible locations within the vehicle, such as doors, windshield, hood and trunk, sealing profiles act as a barrier to water, air, wind and road noice and dust in order to increase the comfort of the user.


Seals also complement the aesthetic of the vehicle on visible surfaces. Our light weight products through advanced technology, are now more energy-efficient and also provides an indirect contribution to the performance of the vehicle.

Standard Profil utilizes the entire range of technologies in automotive sealing industry, past and present. Standard Profil is using EPDM, TPE and bi-material production systems. Thanks to its superior production technology, Standard Profil not only meet the needs of the customers but also develop new systems for the future of the industry.

Dynamic Profiles

Dynamic profiles are sealing products for dust, water, heat and sound insulation on the moving mechanisms such as door, trunk, hood and the body of the vehicle, and also ensure optimum door closing effort.

Static Profiles

Static profiles guide the moving glasses to move smoothly and silently down the glass run channels. These profiles provide water, dust, heat and sound insulation as well as help keep the glass clean.


Static profiles are produced from a variety of materials, from EPDM and TPV based main profile materials, as well as supporting materials such as flock, coating, strip, rubber and clasp, depending on the functionality and visual elements the product brings to the car.

Hybrid Encapsulated Profiles

Produced by moulding the glass and seal together, these profiles ensure maximum sealing in the car while complementing the aesthetic of the vehicle's exterior and providing ease of assembly. Standard Profil manufacturing process involves a combination of two different materials, EPDM and TPV, using a hybrid encapsulation technology.
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