Game changer innovation


For Standard Profil, innovation involves pioneering technologies according to the expectations of the industry. The focus of Standard Profil’s R&D activities goes beyond the development of existing projects, products and production systems; they focus on the future of the overall automotive sector. Taking into account market dynamics and needs, these projects aim to develop technologies that will direct and guide the Group's customers and the automotive industry.

Recognizing the importance of continuous development and being a “learning organization” to ensure sustainable growth, Standard Profil encourages all its members and business units to specialize in their fields, as well as to participate in innovation projects across different areas.


Standard Profil has a staff of over 8,000 members with various backgrounds and experiences, working across five continents. All experts in their field, strive towards always creating better products, and guide SP technology with the synergy they create.

For its innovation projects, Standard Profil emphasizes the importance of the flow of expertise and experience from both within and outside the organization. Sub-industries, universities and technology transfer offices are among partners, Standard Profil cooperates with in innovation projects. The focus of this approach is, above all else, the creation of innovative products, and expansion to new markets.

Standard Profil Group’s R&D projects are grouped under three categories:

Weight reduction

The objective of these projects is to reduce the weight of parts to enhance vehicle performance and reduce fuel consumption. There is a variety of projects directed towards various goals, such as reduction of load bearing material weight in design, reduction of rubber density, and use of thermoplastics.

Enhancing visual and acoustic performance

These projects focus on creating benefits for the customer in terms of time, quality, performance and cost by enabling automotive manufacturers to come up better solutions through its own operations and their own processes. Encapsulation technology offers acoustic comfort while also enhancing the aesthetics of the vehicle. Acoustic performance is also improved via design simulation using software and improvements by testing in laboratory facilities.

Quality and performance

Projects such as variable extrusion and online feed-back control on the production line focus on raising quality, reducing material waste and ensuring product performance through prompt modifications when necessary.

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