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R&D Team

Standard Profil Group has a dedicated R&D team of PhD and Master's level specialists across a variety of disciplines. The R&D team carries out its activities in four different centers. R&D projects carried out for years in Düzce, Manisa, Logrono factories as well as the Design Office in America enabled us to gain a significant base of knowledge and experience for the Group in areas of research and innovation.

SP Düzce R&D Center was certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey and awarded the "Most Innovative Company" by the Turkish Exporters Assembly in 2012. Since 2009, our R&D experts have been providing training on "elastomer technology" in Düzce University.


Leveraging the experience of Standard Profil Group and collaborating with universities, our R&D units develop pioneering and innovative projects for the entire Group and the automotive sealing industry.

R&D teams equipped with different types of testing equipment in laboratories, including FTIR and TGA, for end product tests that involve solar simulation, mechanical and chemical analyses and powerful microscope are also available.


Accredited by numerous automotive manufacturers, Standard Profil laboratories conduct validation tests utilizing cutting-edge technology equipment for quality assurance in all stages of production.

Acoustics Laboratory

Standard Profil cares about the comfort of the end user as well, and for this purpose, operates a well-equipped acoustics laboratory to improve the soundproofing performance of its products. Acoustic performance outputs are measured in material base in this laboratory and inputs supplied for the design process. Thus, products are optimized for system-level tests involving acoustic transmission and deformation under high-speeds before their delivery to customers.

Solar Simulation Laboratory

Glass run channels and waist belts are sealing profile products visible on the exterior of vehicles. These profiles are black in color, which contrast with reflective body parts (chrome plating, glass, hoods, etc.) unique to each automotive brand. R&D laboratories utilize climatic solar simulation equipment to help optimize the effects of polymer behavior on the visual area of the vehicle. These devices test sun effects in humid, cold and hot environments in cycles determined in collaboration with our customers to verify the reliability of the product before launch. When necessary, these simulation results used as an input for our chemical designs based on defined visual criteria.

Coating Technologies Laboratory

We conduct product development tests on vehicles in collaboration with automotive manufacturers to identify the coating requirement of products according to specific body parts and test conditions. These requirements may involve improvements to corrosion resistance, cold weather performance and solar resistance. Coating products are tested in the Standard Profil laboratory before mass production on extrusion lines, providing input on usage methods, production parameters and maintenance indicators. Our laboratory is equipped with integrated plasma simulation cabin and corrosion resistance test systems.
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