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Life at SP

Standard Profil Group is a large, global and colorful family of 8,000 members speaking six different languages, with production facilities in seven countries, and services in five continents.


Just what is life like at SP, where many cultures, colors and voices flourish in harmony? Who are the members of our family? What do we do when we come together? What are the things we like?

We invite you to discover our colors...


Standard Profil Group donated to UNICEF for each picture made by SP children

Every year on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, SP organises an exhibition and contest and this year’s theme was “How does the world change with solidarity?”. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and considering children who need soap and water, SP signed a cooperation agreement with UNICEF. Thus, children of SP staff participated in an exhibition by sending us online, pictures they had painted or drawn, and for every picture received we delivered soap and water packages to children in need with the cooperation of UNICEF.


Woman at SP celebrated 8 March

This year, as every year, we celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 with great enthusiasm. On this special day, various events were held, and we presented gifts to the women of SP. In order to emphasise the significance of March 8, as Standard Profil, we have contributed with gifts to non-governmental organizations that support women. Through the lavender pouches produced by women’s cooperatives, we supported their efforts to empower women with low income. Our CEO Dr. Klaus Elmer also sent a message to SP Women on March 8, celebrating their day. In his message, Elmer said, “I am extremely proud of the women’s union in all our plants in the world that brings us together and make us stronger. You inspire us all. On behalf of Standard Profil, which operates in 7 countries on 5 continents with our strong female employees, I thank you for your endless efforts for our group.”


ZEKI entered its 3rd year!

Standard Profil, marked the third anniversary of Z.E.K.İ, which offers a protective business environment for those mentally challenged. As SP Manisa-ZEKİ Plant completed its third year, celebrations were held with the participation of our mentally handicapped SP members. After various activities, at the end of the day, gifts were given to the SP ZEKİ team for their success.


We are starting to follow our carbon footprint

As Standard Profil Group, we are working on creating global performance indicators on “energy consumption”, which is the first step of a carbon footprint calculation. As a group, our aim is to establish the infrastructure to measure our carbon footprint in all SP plant production activities starting from 2020, and to check our carbon footprint as a global environmental performance indicator starting from 2021. In this way, the SP Group aim to contribute to reducing global warming.

What Is carbon footprint?

To better understand the issue, it is important to focus on the concept of carbon footprint. A carbon footprint can briefly be defined as the amount of greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), due to a certain human activity. The carbon footprint can either be on a large scale, or it may apply to an individual, family, event, organization or even an entire nation. Generally, it is determined by measuring the amount of CO2 released in a year in tons, and CO2-equivalent gases such as methane (CH4), nitrogen oxide (N2O) and other greenhouse gases are also added in tons. Carbon footprint is a very effective tool to understand the impact of our individual activities on global warming. Many people are surprised when they see the amount of CO2 their activities generate. It is extremely important to personally calculate and constantly monitor your personal carbon footprint if you want to contribute to reducing global warming.

Examples of your personal carbon footprint

Each of the following activities adds 1 kg of CO2 to our personal carbon footprint:

  • Traveling by public transport (train or bus) a distance of 10-12 km
  • Travelling a 6 km distance by personal vehicle (it is assumed that 7.3 litres of petrol was consumed per 100 km)
  • Flying a 2.2 km distance by plane. Operating your computer for 32 hours (assumed to be a 60-Watt consumption)
  • Production of 5 plastic bags
  • Production of 2 plastic bottles


We met with students in Spain and Bulgaria

As Standard Profil Group, we continue to meet with and introduce our group to young students who will play a big role in building the future. Vocational education students who visited SP Spain had the opportunity to get to know Standard Profil by visiting the plant. A total of 50 students in two groups, were informed about the areas where they can work in the plant. Showing great interest in Standard Profil and the business processes, students left our plant very satisfied.

Our Bulgaria Plant organized a special day for students from Stara Zagora and the region. In a tour organized for students, the history, activities, customers and technological innovations of our group were explained. The robotic glass preparation system received great interest from students and many questions were asked about it. This interest and curiosity of students made the Bulgarian Plant employees very happy.


Standard Profil Global Convention 2018

This year Standard Profil Global Convention was held in Istanbul between 14th and 16th of March 2018 with the theme of "Excellence". At a three-day meeting of executives from all over the world's plants and offices, our executives focused on people, technology, performance and customers under the roof of "Excellence". At the end of many workshops, presentations, functional and general meetings with different business lines during the whole period, executives brought the map and goals of the year 2018 together.


DynamIsm of Youth and Experience of Years

Antonio Parmo Herrainz from our Spain Plant has been a member of the Standard Profil Family for approximately 41 years. Seda Türel from our Düzce Plant has been working for Standard Profil, her first workplace, for five months. We interviewed with Türel and Herrainz to pore over such beautiful synergy more closely. Türel told us about the excitement of having just started working and Herrainz, who is at the same time an athlete, mentioned his career past.

“ We must always be hopeful for a happy future” Seda Türel

Can we know you a little bit?

I was born in Düzce in 1997. I am married and I have two year-old son. I left high school after the second year. I am spending time with my son in my free times. I like travelling and cooking a lot.

How long have you been working for SP?

I have been a member of the Standard Profil Family for five months.

You are the youngest employee of SP… What would you say about SP?

I have had very experienced workmates at Standard Profil. I think they have a lot to provide me in the life of business.

Do you think you acquire experience here?

I am thinking that it certainly provides experiences as it is the first place where I started working life.

What are the best parts of being a part of SP? What does working for SP mean to you?

Experience first, and then nice friendships and closer ones.

What message would you like to convey to the SP Family as a bright and young employee?

We must always be hopeful for a happy future.

“ I’m thinking SP is just perfect ” José Antonio Parmo Herrainz

Can you tell us about yourself please?

I am 60 years old, I am married and have no children. I have studied at the upper bachelor level, which was formerly referred to as Industrial Master in the branch of Chemistry at Labor University of Huesca. I am an athlete and in my student days, I initially practiced a Athletics. I am also fond of Alpinism, Skiing, and all kinds of sports related to mountains, the hobbies that I continue practicing today. I also like traveling, going to cinema, reading, enjoying a good meal in a restaurant and relaxing by having a drink with friends.

How many years have you been working at SP?

When I started work in this Company on November 2, 1976, its name was PERMOLCA, S.A; therefore, I have been working for 41 years. I started work in the Plant as an operator. Nowadays I also carry out the verification and calibration of parts of the measurement equipment.

You are one of the most experienced employees at SP... What is your opinion about it?

My opinion about SP is excellent, although I only know the Spanish plants physically, I have kept in touch with colleagues from other countries. This has given me a really positive vision of the Company at global level.

What is the most beautiful thing to be a part of SP? What does it mean to you to work at SP?

SP has given me the opportunity to have access to a great and complete professional training. Being part of Standard Profil family allowed me to improve my professional life and freedom for working.

What is the unforgettable and different memory of you at SP?

I have to remember all the colleagues that I have had, some being friends, as well as the great job environment that I have had over all these years.

In view of your years-long experience, which messages would you like to give to other SP employees?

When I joined this Company, I did it knowing that I started in a large Company and with the idea of developing my working life in it; so I would like to say to the current and future employees of the Company that they have to be loyal to the Company and their colleagues; do not give up in the face of hardships and keep on going training.


The Newest Members Of Us Are Meeting On The Integration Day

The Standard Profil Group has a substantial organization structure. Each member taking part in the Group is witnessing such magnitude from the very first day of his/her employment. Through the orientation programs carried out in the locations, a “Welcome” is uttered to the newcomers, in a sense. For ensuring that the new members can acquire information about the tasks of the Standard Profil Group and other units, see the big picture, and get acquainted with the workmates in different positions, the SP Integration Day program was commenced. All new members starting work in SP Turkey locations, as the Pilot region, in 2017, came together in the event organized in Manisa.

Through this program that will be promoted in all the SP locations in 2018, Standard Profil Group is aiming to accelerate the adaptation process of the new workmates and present a good experience that will facilitate their lives thanks to it.


Standard Profil Global Convention 2017

Standard Profil Group global leadership team from all our plants and offices around the world, came together in scope of Standard Profil Global Convention held for the third time this year. The main theme of the event, where the targets and strategies were shared, was HSE. The event attended by all the plants and offices of our Group in the world took place between 8th and 10th of March. The event was concluded with the main meeting where the targets and priorities of the Group were shared subsequent to the assessments for 2016 in the functional meetings. 


Standard Profil Open Door Meetings started at our China Plant

Our first Open Door Meeting was held at Langfang Plant in China with the participation of Turhan Semizer, our CEO, and Ajda Ayvat, our VP HR, on June 13. These internal communication meetings will be organizing in all SP locations regularly in order to share both the local and global improvements of our Group and bring our employees with the top management for an open and direct communication.


We Have Celebrated The International Women’s Day With Enthusiasm In All Our Locations!

As the Standard Profil Group we are proud of providing employment to women far above our sector, with more than 30% female employee ratio. Our female employees are making contributions in all areas in our Group, ranging from production to audit, from engineering to management. We have celebrated the 8th of March International Women’s Day in all our locations in a way worthy of the day. Underlining that women shape the future of societies, our CEO Turhan Semizer wished that women undertake more active and diverse roles both in our Group and in our world in the forthcoming years.



Saim Hakan Göksoy from the Procurement Department in Istanbul has been exploring the breathtaking beauties of the underwater world for a decade now. Beside the fascination of the blue and the peace that it brings, he takes great pleasure in making new friends, cooperating with them and signing up for trips. Hakan started scuba diving at a university club in 2005 and is now aiming for his three-star diver's badge.

He lists Bodrum, Kaş, Ayvalık and Egypt among his favorite dive sites, and adds: "One of my goals is to visit Cape Town, where one of our plants is located, and go scuba-diving with sharks."



Manisa factory employees started a strong football team two years ago. Most members worked on the Golf project, hence the name of their team: Golf United. They play at least once a week. Golf United plays with other teams in SP Manisa factories as well as those from other companies outside Manisa. Our team so far recorded 32 victories in 34 games. The ambitious team expects rivals to play with from among SP Group.



In order to boost team spirit, remove barriers and increase harmony in the workplace, our Moroccan factory staff participated in a series of entertaining team activities. While having fun during the activities, the team brought about a catchy slogan: “Standard Profil Family engaged for excellence”. They also came up with a code for human resources, our most valuable resource: COREC 

  • Confidence 
  • Organisation 
  • Respect 
  • Engagement 
  • Communication



Working at Standard Profil is no different from running a marathon. We are so lucky to be among well-educated colleagues who inspire us every day. Take Eugenio Rodriguez for example, a 60 year-old manager of Mechanic Molding in Spain. He is a living proof of ambition and victory. Although he was not into sports at all when he was younger, he ran his first marathon at the age of 40. He wanted to make a change in his life and took up running. Over time, marathons gave him a breath of fresh air while he explored new places and cultures and became a marathon addict. Rodriguez has participated in 53 national and international marathons so far. He says running relieves him of the stress of his work and helps him unwind, and he calls out to others to join him in this passion, which, he believes, is suitable for people of all ages.



Work life can be like a battle sometimes. You fight with customers, suppliers and even yourself. We want to introduce you to Momchil Hristov, an expert trained to survive under any circumstance.

Momchil serves as engineer in Quality Assurance department in Bulgaria plant and is a member of BAGA-TUR group for a decade. BAGA-TUR's main objective is to introduce Bulgaria's historical values to the modern world, based on physical, intellectual and spiritual virtues. The group largely focuses on warfare techniques, and it has appeared in several historical period dramas and shows set in Bulgaria.

Momchil not only takes pleasure in being a part of this group, but also incorporates in his work life the discipline and values he has embraced through these activities.



The Dragon Festival was organized in May 2015 in both İzmir and Istanbul. Our teams from Manisa, Düzce and Istanbul took part in the cutthroat competition. Five Standard Profil teams rowed for a place on the podium, and the awards they won made them the stars of the festival.

Our social responsibility project "Overcoming All Obstacles in Life" won the "Best Social Message" award, while our costumes were named "Best Handicraft" and "Best Costume Story".



Sadık Yıldız is a Finishing Production Operator in Düzce 1 factory. He is passionate about photography. What once started as a simple curiosity, turned over time into a hobby that gives him great joy. He takes pleasure in especially landscape and portrait photography. Sadık plans to exhibit his photographs in the future. He has only one thing to say to those who are interested in photography: “Press that shutter button with love.”



On 28th and 29th of May at Istanbul Standard Profil Düzce and Istanbul teams joined Dragon Festival with three paddle squads with a great team spirit. After Istanbul races, on 4th and 5th of June the Festival continued in İzmir. Standard Profil joined the raced with two squads from Manisa1 and Manisa2 plants and paddled for the championship.

With the dynamism and strong team spirit in Istanbul, Standard Profil been chosen “The Most Energetic Team” among their competitors and Standard Profil İzmir squad took the championship award in FUN category home.



This year Standard Profil celebrated April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day globally with an art contest themed“ Recycling and Environment” among the children of their employees.

The contest has been made among the SP Turkey’s employees for a while but this year it realized among Standard Profil Group globally.

Turhan Semizer, CEO of Standard Profil Group, mentioned “ The children are our future. We have to use our short sources carefully and minimize the harm we cause naturel life to legate a good environment for our children.”



Once again, Standard Profil stood in solidarity with their female employees on March 8th, the International Women’s Day. Standard Profil Group enthusiastically celebrated Women’s Day at its plants in Turkey, Bulgaria, China, South Africa, Spain, Morocco and Mexico. On March 8th, various events were held and female employees all around the world were presented with flowers. Gathering in all plants, female employees had the joy of celebrating this important day.

During the events, plant general managers delivered speeches on underlining the importance of the day. On March 8th, the hearts of all female employees at all global Standard Profil locations joyfully beat together.

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