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HR Policy

Human Resources Processes

Standard Profil Group Human Resources Policy is based on creating an employee profile, who are experts in their field, highly motivated for success, creating value and have an intellectual capital for driving sustainable growth. The policy is geared towards investing in the growth of employees, development and strengthening of the organization, boosting the motivation and commitment of employees as well as correct management, orientation and development of human resources.


Projects designed and constantly improved with these aims in mind are implemented across the entire Standard Profil Group offices, with an eye to considering common values shared by the whole Group.

Performance Management System

The performance management system at Standard Profil Group is based on goals and competences. Performance management process is made up of three basic phases including goal-setting, semi-annual assessment and year-end assessment. Employees join their managers for a one-to-one meeting at the beginning of the year to set their personal goals based on those set for their department and the company at large. Semi-annual meetings are interim assessments that review goals set at the beginning of the year and their attainment potential. Year-end assessment meetings determine the degree to which employees have reached their goals and assess their basic, managerial and functional competences. The output gathered throughout the performance management process informs other human resources processes including training and development, career management and wage management.

Employee Engagement Survey (SP’s Voice)

Each year, an independent research firm conducts a global survey entitled “SP’s Voice” in order to learn the thoughts and expectations of Standard Profil Group employees on the company and its practices, assess their job satisfaction, and inform our plans to improve their satisfaction. Based on the results of the survey, we devise action plans for areas with a room for improvement, if need be.

Compensation Management

The compensation system adopted at Standard Profil Group is well-balanced and is in keeping with the dynamics in the industry.

The purpose behind the compensation management system is to recruit people with suitable competences, motivate them and boost their commitment to the company.

Our basic guiding principle is to take heed of the scope of the job and its market value and reward our employees fairly according to the added value they create for the company.

We regularly review and adapt our compensation policy based on economic developments and compensation research involving many other companies.

Training and Development Process

Training and development process at Standard Profil Group aims at boosting the professional knowledge, skills and competence levels of its employees. The first phase of the Training and Development Process is the orientation program geared towards easing the adaptation of new employees to their job and workplace, and helping them start contributing to the company in a short amount of time.


Training plans are informed by technical training requests of employees made during one-to-one meetings and personal and professional development needs based on competences required for a given position. Aside from these, trainings required by law are also included in our annual training plans, which guide training activities throughout the year.

Recruitment Process

Standard Profil Group adopts a competence-based recruitment process driven to preserve the competitive edge of the company and based on Candidate Profiles created out of the vision, mission, strategy and values of the company.

In light of the requirements of a given position, following assessment tools are employed in whole or in part to determine the fitness of new graduates or experienced candidates for that position.

  • Competence-Based Interview
  • English Placement Test
  • Assessment Center Practice
  • Personality Inventory

Career Management

Development Center Practices are followed as part of career management at Standard Profil Group. These practices identify leadership potential, apply promotion decisions and support the performance development of prospective leaders.

Following are the tools used by Development Center Practices:

Assessment Center:

Assessment Center evaluates professional competences with specific simulations and role plays.


360-Degree Assessment:

360-Degree Assessment evaluates professional competences based on feedback gathered from various sources.

Hogan Personality Inventory:

Made up of two stages:

Inventory: HPI (Hogan Personality Inventory) and HDS (Hogan Development Survey)

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