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Standard Profil is founded by Rıfat Kamhi in Istanbul on March 10, 1977.

Düzce 1, Turkey

The Group's first factory, covering 1,800 square meters in Düzce, becomes operational. The Group has only seven employees.

First successful production

First successful batch of Renault 12 door seals is produced and delivered to the customer.

First award

Product and service quality of Standard Profil is crowned with a Thank You Plaque presented by Ford Otosan, marking the first award received by the Group.

Düzce 2, Turkey

Standard Profil's second factory begins operations. Certificate of Merit awarded to the Group by Düzce Chamber of Industry.

First Export

GM - Opel drip seal become the Group's first export project.

Certificate of Quality

The Group achieves ISO 9001 Certification.

First Award from General Motors

Standard Profil is granted the "General Motors Supplier of the Year" award, the first of ten to be received in years to come.

Quality Award from Fiat Auto

The cooperation with Fiat Auto is crowned with a "quality" award, the first of many awards, plaques and certificates of achievement to be received by the successful partnership.



Digital scanning technology introduced


Standard Profil Training Center

Recognizing the importance of competent and specialized team of employees for ensuring sustainable growth, quality and customer satisfaction, Standard Profil offers continuous training activities at "SP Training Center."

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

The first foreign investment of Standard Profil, SP Bulgaria starts operations in Stara Zagora. Standard Profil earns Second Place in Turkey's Stars in Export thanks to its contribution to exports.

Cape Town, South Africa

First overseas investment, SP South Africa is launched.

Standard Profil continues to grow

Recognizing the importance of proximity to customers, Standard Profil launches its SP China factory in Langfang. Production begins in SP Manisa 1 factory within Manisa Organized Industrial Zone.

Growing investments in Europe and Africa

Further boosting its production capacity in Turkey, the Group starts operations in the second factory in Manisa. Kaufil Sealing Technologies joins the Standard Profil Group. In addition to four factories in Spain and one in Morocco, its partnerships in Russia and India are also incorporated in the Group.

Guanajuato, Mexico

SP Mexico becomes the Standard Profil Group's first investment in America. Completed in a short span of nine months, the business starts operations in December 2014. In line with growth objectives in Asia and Africa, factories in Langfang and Cape Town move to new facilities with wider production areas.

New factories in Bulgaria and Morocco

Stara Zagora factory doubles production capacity with an additional building. Aware of the fact that innovation and technology are keys to quality and growth, Standard Profil opens an official R&D Center in Düzce, having its R&D activities, ongoing for many years, now certified by the state. SP Bulgaria ranks third in "Bulgaria's Best Employer" category thanks to its contributions to employment, environment and the city in which it operates. SP Tangier expands its capacity with an additional building.

MANİSA - ZEKİ Plant, Turkey

The Sheltered Workplace Living Centre for the Disabled, with a specifically designed working environment, in the Manisa Organized Industrial Site, has been established for the first time in Turkey. Standard Profil began operating in the centre in February 2017 with the aim of improving the basic skills of individuals in need of special education and helping their adaptation into society. Also, to create opportunities for them to improve their capabilities by acquiring knowledge and skills relevant to their respective professions. The new production centre, named the SP MANİSA – ZEKİ Plant, produces sealing profiles for our customers with input from our 10 disabled colleagues in the production area custom-made for them.

Jingzhou, China

The Standard Profil Group has moved to a strategic location in China with the objectives of being close to the world’s biggest automotive manufacturers in its portfolio and improving its presence in the Chinese market. Established in a 66-thousand square-meter area and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the SP Jingzhou Plant becomes Standard Profil’s new base in China. It combines production, product development, mold design, and high-quality manufacture. The inauguration of the Jingzhou Plant, that began production in 2018, took place in March 2019 and was attended by the Turkish and Chinese state authorities.

Frankfurt, Germany

Standard Profil Group, providing tailor-made solutions in automotive sealing systems all over the world, has opened its new headquarters in Eschborn near Frankfurt. Being in the heart of the European automotive market, we aim to carry our business processes forward and manage our strengths from a strategically located head office.

The Standard Profil Family

Having started its journey in 1977 with a seven-person team, Standard Profil continues on its path maintaining all the excitement and energy of its first days. The group now has a global family of 8,000 employees, engaging in production activities in seven countries, across five continents and exports to more than 45 countries.
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