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Company Policies

HSE Policy

In our efforts to create value for our customers by leveraging our quality and technology, we never compromise environment and occupational health and safety procedures.


We work intently to ensure quality, continuous customer satisfaction and environmental and occupational health and safety, which we regard as our top priorities and goals. We follow eco-friendly policies in all business processes and utilize recycling technologies to achieve reuse of scrap and waste material.

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Embracing the principles of "Work Safety First" and "Respect for the Environment and Future Generations", Standard Profil Group:

  • Assesses health, safety and environment related risks in its operations and takes all necessary measures –and evaluates their effectiveness as needed – in order to eliminate health concerns, prevent work accidents, and ensure eco-friendly production,
  • Fully complies with regulations on environment, health and safety, and fulfills requests from relevant parties,
  • Trains and informs all individuals who are affected by its health, safety and environment policies and procedures, and monitors the efficiency of these training efforts to ensure that the information provided is understood,
  • And continuously improves performances in these areas of vital importance.

Code of Ethics

Standard Profil is committed to remain fully compliant with the laws of the countries in which it operates, as well as the universal values and principles of ethics, and sets high standards in this regard for all its members.

Specified by the Standard Profil Ethics Committee and involving the entire Group, these standards establish a basic code of conduct and working principles binding all Group members during the course of their duties.


This "basic code of ethics" aims to eliminate all causes of potential conflict with stakeholders, including employees, and prevent any conflict of interest and irregularity that might harm the organization and its members due to the potential loss of trust or employee loyalty.

It is incumbent upon the Ethics Committee to inquire and resolve complaints and reports of violations of these "code of conduct". Reports by Standard Profil employees and third parties to the Ethics Committee are kept confidential and relevant investigations and inquiries are handled by independent experts.

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You can contact the Ethics Committee members directly for questions and notifications.


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Address :Standard Profil Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.Ş. For the attention of Ethics Committee
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Information Security Policy

Information security is not only a legal liability for companies to protect certain information, but is an increasingly important area for today's enterprises for maintaining the sustainability of their business, as well as their competitive edge. Information security has a strategic importance for our organization, which is not only defined by its employees, but also by its customers, business partners and shareholders.

It is not possible to establish sound information security by technological measures alone. Based on the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, Standard Profil Group has developed risk assessment and risk processing plans for relevant business processes. We determined duties and responsibilities pertaining to information security, and laid out business continuity and emergency management procedures. We raised awareness across the Group on information security and threats. We hence met the requirements of ISO 27001 Standard and obtained our certificates in 2015, as evidence of the efficiency of our information security measures.


Standard Profil Group shares its information security goals and commitment with all relevant parties via the Information Security Policy.

The main objective of Standard Profil Group in this regard is to manage all information security risks in order to ensure the sustainability of high-quality and reliable services, protection of information kept in accordance with the law and through daily operations, retention of the strategic competitive edge.

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The main objective of Standard Profil Group in this regard is to manage all information security risks in order to ensure the sustainability of high-quality and reliable services, protection of information kept in accordance with the law and through daily operations, retention of the strategic competitive edge.

For this purpose, the Group is committed to make its information assets,

  • Secured against unauthorized access in line with the principle of "Confidentiality",
  • Accurate and complete in terms of content in line with the principle of "Integrity",
  • Accessible as required in line with the principle of "Availability".

To this end, the Group shall allocate necessary systems and resources to ensure,

  • Awareness among employees and stakeholders about information security related issues, and conformity with all published policies and procedures,
  • Full compliance with all regulations and agreements involving its operations,
  • Management and prevention of information security violations,
  • Continuous improvement of its information security management systems.

Quality Policy

Standard Profil Group Quality Policy is based on fulfilling the needs and expectations of all customers and offering flawless and reliable products and services. This understanding forms the core of the Standard Profil Quality Vision:

  • We generate “0-defect” excellent quality products with our specialized and enthusiastic associates from all divisions by preventive quality methods & services to ensure our continuous growth.
  • We ensure customer satisfaction through standardization, quality assurance systems, advanced technology and cooperation between units.
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Following are the Standard Profil Group Quality Principles, shaped by our vision of quality:

  • Our main objective is to fulfill our customer’s expectations, respond their needs, and add value to our business through our wide experience.
  • Quality assurance and development are both the responsibility and ultimate goals of all Standard Profil Group members.
  • Our processes and systems are based on international standards, customer needs and our expertise and experience. Awareness and implementation of these systems and process by all our associates, ensure sustainability of our quality.
  • Quality equals doing the job right and therefore preventing errors. Preventing failure is more important than correcting mistakes.
  • To ensure sustainable quality, we systematically apply methods and tools, learn from our mistakes and eliminate root causes without delay.