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DynamIsm of Youth and Experience of Years

DynamIsm of Youth and Experience of Years


Antonio Parmo Herrainz from our Spain Plant has been a member of the Standard Profil Family for approximately 41 years. Seda Türel from our Düzce Plant has been working for Standard Profil, her first workplace, for five months. We interviewed with Türel and Herrainz to pore over such beautiful synergy more closely. Türel told us about the excitement of having just started working and Herrainz, who is at the same time an athlete, mentioned his career past.

“ We must always be hopeful for a happy future” Seda Türel

Can we know you a little bit?

I was born in Düzce in 1997. I am married and I have two year-old son. I left high school after the second year. I am spending time with my son in my free times. I like travelling and cooking a lot.

How long have you been working for SP?

I have been a member of the Standard Profil Family for five months.

You are the youngest employee of SP… What would you say about SP?

I have had very experienced workmates at Standard Profil. I think they have a lot to provide me in the life of business.

Do you think you acquire experience here?

I am thinking that it certainly provides experiences as it is the first place where I started working life.

What are the best parts of being a part of SP? What does working for SP mean to you?

Experience first, and then nice friendships and closer ones.

What message would you like to convey to the SP Family as a bright and young employee?

We must always be hopeful for a happy future.

“ I’m thinking SP is just perfect ” José Antonio Parmo Herrainz

Can you tell us about yourself please?

I am 60 years old, I am married and have no children. I have studied at the upper bachelor level, which was formerly referred to as Industrial Master in the branch of Chemistry at Labor University of Huesca. I am an athlete and in my student days, I initially practiced a Athletics. I am also fond of Alpinism, Skiing, and all kinds of sports related to mountains, the hobbies that I continue practicing today. I also like traveling, going to cinema, reading, enjoying a good meal in a restaurant and relaxing by having a drink with friends.

How many years have you been working at SP?

When I started work in this Company on November 2, 1976, its name was PERMOLCA, S.A; therefore, I have been working for 41 years. I started work in the Plant as an operator. Nowadays I also carry out the verification and calibration of parts of the measurement equipment.

You are one of the most experienced employees at SP... What is your opinion about it?

My opinion about SP is excellent, although I only know the Spanish plants physically, I have kept in touch with colleagues from other countries. This has given me a really positive vision of the Company at global level.

What is the most beautiful thing to be a part of SP? What does it mean to you to work at SP?

SP has given me the opportunity to have access to a great and complete professional training. Being part of Standard Profil family allowed me to improve my professional life and freedom for working.

What is the unforgettable and different memory of you at SP?

I have to remember all the colleagues that I have had, some being friends, as well as the great job environment that I have had over all these years.

In view of your years-long experience, which messages would you like to give to other SP employees?

When I joined this Company, I did it knowing that I started in a large Company and with the idea of developing my working life in it; so I would like to say to the current and future employees of the Company that they have to be loyal to the Company and their colleagues; do not give up in the face of hardships and keep on going training.

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