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Jan 12,2015

Europe’s second biggest sealing provider Standard Profil opened its globally 10th plant in Mexico. The Guanajuato plant will produce automotive sealing systems for North American automotive giants.

Automotive sealing manufacturing company Standard Profil expands its global operations to America. Its 10th plant, opened today in Guanajuato-Mexico, will provide sealing systems to North American automotive giants. The plant which has been built from ground zero in 9 months with an investment of 36 million USD is a cutting edge facility equipped with Standard Profil’s best technologies.


Standard Profil CEO Turhan Semizer stated that this plant will have an important role in Standard Profil’s globalization strategy and said: “38 years ago, Standard Profil has started its journey in Turkey, and now it is Europe’s second biggest sealing provider with about more then 20% of the market share. We always aim to be closer to our customers and that’s why we are here, very close to the Automotive Global OEMs. We want to continue our success in North America as well. We believe in our new plant and colleagues in Mexico who will bring us to the goals we set for our common future. Our success will continue to grow as we move forward together as the Standard Profil family.”


Mexico is one of the leading players in North America by supplying automotive giants in its land and as a result withholding a great experience in the Automotive Industry. Standard Profil aims to turn these attributes to an advantage by transferring its technological skills and product quality gained until today, from this point in Mexico to the whole American automotive industry. With the strength and advantages provided by this production site, Standard Profil will be in a much more competitive position in North America.